Arab Culture Awareness Training Course - ACAC

Course Details

Name: Arab Culture Awareness Training Course - ACAC

Length: 2 weeks

Students per iteration: The minimum number per iteration is 10 and the maximum is 30

Iterations per year: We hold this course once a year. There is a possibility to hold another course during the year, upon request

Date: from 5 to 19 APR 2018

Deadline for applications: 20/02/2018

Open to: NATO, PfP, MD, ICI, CC, etc. (all countries except Arab and Islamic countries).

Language: The course will be conducted in English Language whether for the official documents or for the conduct of the course. Translation into other languages will not be provided.

Pre requisites: No major pre requisites. However, Simple background on Arab and Islamic Countries to include social system, Islamic Religion, values, customs, population, area, climate, geography.. etc. Any background on Arabic Language is preferred, BUT IT IS NOT A MUST

Aim: This course aims at providing participants (NONE ARABS) with necessary Arab and Islamic cultural values and perspectives as well as having a real-life experience in Arab-Islamic environment as far as cultural awareness is concerned

Target audience: Target audience is NATO and partner O1 to O5 (2nd LT to COL), governmental or civilians who are likely to be engaged in, as cultural advisors or instructors in different NATO mission

Cost: TBD

Course Subjects:

    Cultural Visit.
    Arabic Language with Sounds- Theoretical.
    Arabic Language with Sounds- Practical.
    Cultural Awareness General.
    Cultural Awareness (CPTM).
    General Information about Arab World Location – Geographic-
    Climate – Demographic.
    Overview of Islam.
    Work with Interpreters.
    Amman message.
    Arab Families Relationship.
    Women in the Arab Society.
    Dress Code in Arab Society.
    Do's and Don'ts.
    Culture Awareness Exercise.

Notes: This course can be arranged as special course during the year for participants from friendly countries upon request, provided that number of participants is not less than 10

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