UN Civil-Military Coordination Course – UN-CIMIC

Course Details

Name: UN Civil-Military Coordination Course – UN-CIMIC

Length: 2 Weeks – 10 working days

Students per iteration: The minimum number per iteration is 10 and the maximum is 25

Iterations per year: We hold this course once a year. There is a possibility to hold another course during the year, upon request

Date: 25/10/2018

Deadline for applications: 26/08/2018

Open to: All countries

Language: English Language

Pre requisites:

  • O1 to O4 (2nd LT to LT COL), (For military and police personnel).
  • Good command at English language.
  • Physically fit.

Aim: to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the functions of civil-military coordination and liaison in a UN peace operation

Target audience: Military, Police, Governmental officials or civilians

Cost: TBD

Course Subjects:

  • UN CIMIC Introduction.
  • Comparison Humanitarian-Military Concepts.
  • Protection of Civilians and CIMIC.
  • Working with Mission Partners.
  • UN Cluster Approach.
  • Face to Face Communication.
  • Conduct Meetings.
  • Questioning Techniques.
  • Negotiation.
  • Work with Interpreters.
  • UN-CIMIC Assessment.
  • Information Management.
  • Introduction to IOs and NGOs.
  • UN-CIMIC Reporting.
  • Project Management.
  • Cross-Cultural Brief.
  • Area Study (Country Specific).
  • Exercise.


  • To get participants operat under UN code of conduct.
  • understand principles and tasks of CIMIC.
  • UNDERSTAND un-cimic officers role as staff officers.
  • Understand liaison information sharing planning and reporting.
  • Understand UN-CIMIC in transition.


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