Law of Armed Conflict - LoAC

Course Details

Name: Law of Armed Conflict - LoAC

Length: 2 Weeks

Students per iteration: The minimum number per iteration is 10 and the maximum is 25

Iterations per year: We hold this course once a year. There is a possibility to hold another course during the year, upon request

Date: 22/2/2018

Deadline for applications: 05/02/2018

Open to: All countries

Language: Arabic Language

Pre requisites:

  • O1 to O5 (2nd LT to COL), (For military and police personnel).
  • Good command at Arabic language.
  • Physically fit.

Aim: to increase the knowledge and experience of officers in international humanitarian law and qualify them to work as trainers in their different locations

Target audience: Military, Police, Governmental officials or civilians

Cost: TBD

Course Subjects:

  • Introduction to the International Humanitarian Law.
  • LoAC Fundamentals.
  • International Criminal Court.
  • Operations Management, Air and Naval War.
  • LoAC and Islamic Law.
  • Code of conduct.
  • Occupied Territories.
  • LoAC and Military Operations.
  • Weapons.
  • Law implementation and Challenges.
  • Operations Management.
  • LoAC and Peacekeeping Missions.
  • LoAC and National Law.
  • Medical Affairs.
  • Neutrality.
  • Prisoners of War.
  • Jordan Role in Peacekeeping Missions.
  • Practical Exercises.
  • Visit to the ICRC Office/ Amman.

Notes: This course can be arranged as special course during the year for participants from friendly countries upon request in English Language, provided that number of participants is not less than 10

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