Protection of civilian and children

Course Details

Name: Protection of civilian and children

Length: 2 Weeks

Students per iteration: The minimum number per iteration is 10 and the maximum is 25

Iterations per year: We hold this course once a year. There is a possibility to hold another course during the year, upon request

Date: from 6 to 20 DEC 2018

Deadline for applications: 06/10/2018

Open to: All countries

Language: English Language

Pre requisites: -

Aim: Establishing a common understanding of what “protection” means in the context of UN peacekeeping, as distinct from other, non-peacekeeping protection functions and actors.

Target audience: Military - Battalion level and above
Police – FPU Commanders and above
Civilian – Heads of Substantive Sections and above

Cost: TBD

Course Subjects:

  • introduction to UN-PKO
  • UN mission structure and staff 
  • The Establishment and Operationalization of Security Council Mandates for PKOs
  • How UNPKOs function
  • Fundamental principles of UNPKOs
  • International legal standard and PK role in protecting HR, civilian, women and children
  • Working with mission partners
  • Overview of protection of civilian
  • International legal dimensions of protection of civilian
  • Protection of civilian in the context of UNPKOs
  • Ensuring the protection of civilian
  • Prevention and response to CRSA
  • Carana brief
  • Mini scenarios
  • Tactical POC problem
  • Learning activity-MOUNSCO
  • Case Studies
  • Children in armed conflict

  • Framework for child protection
  • Interacting with children
  • Roles and responsibilities of peacekeeping mission components and external partners
  • Child Protection military roles 
    • ICRC Mandate
    • Legal protection of children in armed conflict
    • Summary of the Geneva conventions of 1949 & APs
    • UNICEF  Mandate
    • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
    • UNHCR mandate
    • Definition of  Refugee

  • Protection of  Civilians  & Children  in Conflict


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