Arab Culture Awareness Training Course - ACAC

Course Details

Name: Arab Culture Awareness Training Course - ACAC

Length: 2 weeks

Students per iteration: The minimum number per iteration is 10 and the maximum is 30

Iterations per year: We hold this course once a year. There is a possibility to hold another course during the year, upon request

Date: from 15 to 26 June 2014

Deadline for applications: 05/01/2014

Open to: NATO, PfP, MD, ICI, CC, etc. (all countries except Arab and Islamic countries).

Language: The course will be conducted in English.Translation into other languages will not be provided.

Pre requisites:

Aim: This course aims at providing participants (NONE ARABS) with necessary Arab and Islamic cultural values and perspectives

Target audience: Target audience is NATO and partner O1 to O5 (2nd LT to COL), governmental or civilians who are likely to be engaged in

Cost: 850 US Dollar

Course Subjects:

Notes: This course can be arranged as special course during the year for participants from friendly countries upon request.

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