Vision, Mission and Tasks

Peace Operation Training Center is the Jordanian tool that allows activating the role of the Jordan Armed Forces members, which contributes to building high capacity for the most important sector of society, that is peace and security, and therefore, enables JAF members in those fields and launching toward international and regional prospects to serve the Jordanian objectives.

The primary mission of The POTC is to provide training, both academic and practical, and qualifying the participants from the Jordanian Armed Forces and other friendly countries to work in various UN peace operations missions effectively .


  • Train officers and NCOs to carry out their duties in international Peace Operations missions, and develop their abilities accordingly.

  • Coordinate and cooperate with the International Centers and UN Organizations.

  • Train friendly forces on Peace Operations upon request.

  • Conduct different courses that relevant to peace operations & others.

  • Deliver lectures to the different units of JAF on subjects related to Peace Operations and the Law of Armed Conflict.