The POTC is an organic unit of the Directorate of Joint Military Training/ Jordanian Armed Forces, established in August 1996. This dedicated to training troops on UN Peace Operations. The POTC also provides training to military members on International Law of Armed Conflict. The POTC has gained a leading role in Cultural Awareness Training by conducting several courses for foreign participants since the year 2003.

Expanding the Center's capabilities further was our only way forward. Therefore, The POTC quickly enhanced its courses and expertise and became a regional Center of excellence. The Institute is one of a kind in the Middle East. The POTC built close cooperation with the United States Enhanced International Peacekeeping Capabilities (EIPC) and The Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) programs. New training facilities were built along with improved course material covering the myriad the United Nations peacekeeping sphere of influence.

The POTC is very proud to assume the responsibility of training and qualifying military personnel as UN peacekeepers. So far the Center has trained over 75.000 servicemen from Jordan and other countries. The Center is also very committed to providing the best training environment possible for those who have been chosen to help maintain peace and security around the world.