Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is your Center?
  2. Are your courses open for all students from all countries?
  3. What courses do you offer?
  4. What are the fees of your courses?
  5. Do you have accommodation for participants?
  6. Is your Center air-conditioned?
  7. What recreational facilities do you have in your campus?
  8. Do you have internet facility open for participants?
  9. Do I need to bring my Laptop with me?
  10. What kind of electric sockets do you have in your Center?
  11. What type of uniform do I need to bring with me if I belong to a military organization?
  12. What type of uniform/dress do I need to bring with me if I am civilian?
  13. What could you tell me about weather in Jordan?
  14. How can I apply for a course?
  15. What is the dead line for applying a course?
  16. What is the maximum number for participants per irritation per course?
  17. When reaching the maximum number for a certain course, would you accept extra participants?
  18. What is your courses calendar for the year 2018-2019?
  19. Can you hold another course out of your calendar (POTC Courses)?
  20. Am I responsible for my Visa arrangements?
  21. Which Airport you recommend me to be in upon arrival Jordan?
  22. Do you provide transportation from / to Airport?
  23. Do you have a dining facility?
  24. Do you provide a special food diets?
  25. What are the working days in Jordan?
  26. What are the working hours in your Center?
  27. What are the breakfast/lunch/dinner timings?
  28. Do I need to pay for meals, tea breaks? How much in detail?
  29. Are USA dollars accepted in Jordan?
  30. How many Jordanian Dinar/s in one USA Dollar?
  31. What places do you recommend me to visit in Jordan in weekends?
  32. Do you offer e-learning courses?
  33. Can I use your Center as a venue to hold a certain course?
  34. Who is your point of contact?